Before M, GL.

Stephen XT
Aug 25, 2023

Abernathy space ghost,
coast to coast,
Too much food for too few.
Then late at night, we moonlit
Miscreants skulked
Down canal paths, toward muddy
Tramp kingdoms, into angry
Addicts hideaways, where
Broken bottle baubles shone.
If I could have my way with time,
And go back to a moment,
I would have a full pack, some
Gas money and a good song,
Blaring from a station wagon.
On river road I’d be,
Light up, and burn slow
in witching hours,
With my old friend.

© SXT 2023



Stephen XT

I write stuff when something begs to me to write. The goal is to write ten-thousand things before I die. I tend to be morbid, reflective and personal.